Lotto winnings : What will you do with it?

As I was walking to the office today, since it’s Wednesday, it’s lotto day.  I always wonder what I will feel when I win the lotto / lottery. How much will I be giving my parents,  siblings and aunt? Maybe PHP10 million each or more and I will try and convince them to live here…

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Karaoke Top 10 Songs List

One brand of being a Filipino is singing karaoke. Anywhere in the world, where there is a karaoke, there’s a Filipino in there.  When there’s a party at home, we turn the karaoke on and let the guests sing. One of my friends said that you need to have a song piece or two that…

2 min read

Hello world!

Hello world, parati na lang hello world. Wala na bang iba? Hindi ba pwedeng Hello, Universe! O di kaya ay Hello, Earth! Ay ang korni ko naman hehe. Pero seryoso na. Ang tagal kong pinag isipan kung ano ang itatawag ko dito sa blog ko. Totoo pala ang kasabihang “Sa hinaba haba ng prosisyon, ay…

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