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Pinakbet is a famous dish in the Philippines and I miss it. I only cook pinakbet during summer here in New Zealand if I want to use fresh vegetables. Since it is almost spring, last Saturday(25-August-2018), I planted vegetables like ampalaya(bitter gourd), okra, eggplant, sitaw(yard-long beans), tomatoes, hungarian yellow wax chilli for sinigang -the closest I think to pinoy’s siling pang sigang, and capsicum in the newspaper seedling pots. I want to have all pinakbet’s ingredients so that even just for summer, I will get to enjoy pinakbet. Can’t wait.

I made 33 newspaper seedling pots and planted the seeds  on 25-Aug-2018.

Ampalaya – 4 pots
Okra – 6 pots
Sitaw – 4 pots
Eggplant – 6 pots
Siling Pang Sinigang – 6 pots
Tomato -4 pots
Capsicum – 3 pots. I know this is not an ingredient of pinakbet. 😀

As soon as one of these seeds germinates, I will post more photos.

If you’re intested in making seedling pots out of newspapers, please watch it here : How to make newspaper seedling pots.

As of today 7-Sept-2018, first sitaw germinated. Yay!

I planted thai eggplant on 9-Sept-2018. Let’s see how it goes. Yay again!

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