Lotto winnings : What will you do with it?

By Agnes
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As I was walking to the office today, since it’s Wednesday, it’s lotto day.  I always wonder what I will feel when I win the lotto / lottery.


How much will I be giving my parents,  siblings and aunt? Maybe PHP10 million each or more and I will try and convince them to live here by puting up a business or something cause it’s the only way for them to live here permanently. What will be the changes in my life when I win the lottery? Will I stop working? Will I resign the next day? I’ll list down all the things I’m thinking of doing if I ever win the lottery, so I’ll be ready when that time comes haha.

What I will do with $10M lotto win?

  1. I will double-check my ticket. Make sure that I really won.
  2. Check again.
  3. Take a photo of my winning ticket.
  4. I’ll put the ticket in a secure place.
  5. Smile and celebrate!
  6. Tell my husband and kids.
  7. Ask them what they want to do with the winnings.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Wake up the next day and go to work.
  10. Apply a leave from work for 2 weeks to think about what to do next.
  11. Go to a store to redeem my lotto winnings.
  12. I will update this list once I’ve won (hahaha).

I also asked some of my friends what they will be doing first if they win.

bibili ako ng bahay at ibang property hehhe
nanalo ka?
I will buy house and other properties hehhe. Did you win? – MC

hay naku ineng, kahit manalo ka pa nang kahit anung halaga , money is just money ,,,, bwhiiiiii
people will do what they want , so , like a song, money for nothing ,, ,bwhiiiii
*sigh* even though you win, money is just money. People will do what they want, so like a song, money for nothing.  – RS

mag-cecelebrate hahaha
gagastos agad, mag-le-leave ako ng 1month at pupunta sa Europe
Celebrate, spend some money right away, file a leave and go to Europe – MP

matulog muna ako
I’ll sleep first – EM

lalamon hahaha
Eat, eat, & eat. – MR

Tatalon at iiyak hihi
Jump and cry hihi – RE

Teka, hindi ata… nasshock muna ng mga ilang minuto bago mahimatay
I will collapse. But wait, I will be shocked first then collapse. – JG

What about you? What will you be doing first if you win the lottery? Let me know your thoughts by putting a comment. 🙂

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