How to record your desktop screen

By Agnes
2 min read

Did you know that you can use powerpoint to do screen-recording and save it as a video file? Yes you can!  I am very glad you are here cause only few people know how this screen recording with powerpoint. Now you don’t need to worry which app to download. In this post, I will show you exactly how to record your screen. All you need is a computer with powerpoint installed.

Let’s not waste time! Let’s start doing it!

Below are the steps

1. Open Powerpoint and choose to start with a new blank document.
2. On the menu, highlighted in blue, go to Insert(1) tab then click on Screen Recording(2).


Insert > Screen Recording

3. After clicking the Screen Recording button, the image below will appear. The select Area will be to set which part of the screen you want to be recorded. You may choose only the upper right side of the screen only, or only the taskbar. It is really up to you.

Select Screen Area

Select the Screen Area

4. Once the screen area is selected, the record button will be enabled. You can start recording now.

Record button

After selecting the screen area, record button will be enabled.


5. The recording starts after clicking on the record button.



6. To stop recording, hover your mouse on top of the screen. The recording menu will appear just like the image shown above. You can pause, stop, or change the audio.

7. Once you have finished recording, on the open powerpoint document, right click on the recording preview to save the video as mp4.

To save

Finally, go to the folder where you saved the screen recording video. Check whether you have recorded what you needed, otherwise, do it all over again!

Here is the screen recording I created when I was writing this blog.  I hope this helps. Enjoy!



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