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Did you know that you can borrow ebooks from Auckland Council Library? I thought of sharing this because when my pinoy colleague and I was discussing about how to start something that will make us rich(note : not richer)  he said he has this book called $100 startup and if I’m interested to read it. I said let me check Auckland library first if it has that book. So I opened  my overdrive app, and searched whether Auckland library has it.  It has the book, but it is on hold – someone else has borrowed the ebook. The library apparently has 2 copies,  unluckily both were out. My colleague was quite surprised, he did not know that Auckland library has ebooks that can be borrowed. So I told him how to do it. And I’m sharing this with you too. 🙂

If you already have the library it will be as easy as one two three, otherwise you can register here.

So assuming you have registered, here’s what you need to do.

Download and install OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks from you appstore/playstore to your mobile phone or tablet.



2. Tap on Sign in using library card.



3. Enter Auckland Library and tap on Go.

4. Select “Auckland Libraries 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland, Auckland 1010” then continue.

5. Enter your card number(the number at the bottom of the bar code) and tap on signin.

6. Choose from the option whether you’re under  or over 13 years old.

7. When you’re signed in, tap on the Add a library.

8. Browse for libraries, select N – New Zealand, then Auckland.

Browse for Auckland Libraries

9. Select Auckland Libraries.

10. You will need to sign in with your library card number  to Auckland Council Libraries.

11. Once signed in, you can now start searching for books you want to read! Let’s try to search for “Java for Dummies”.
Once you’ve found the book, open it and tap on Borrow.

Barrowing a book


12. Go to My Account > Loans to start downloading it.

13. When done downloading, go to Book Shelf to start reading the book. Enjoy!

So far, almost all the books I want to read, Auckland library has them. From recipe book to romance novels to audio books, they have it! When the library doesn’t have it, you can recommend it and they will try and get it for you. I recommended one book and got it!

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