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I cooked chicken adobo for dinner. Not only is easy to cook, this recipe tastes good as well. There are a lot of adobo recipes out there, but for me this is the best one. This recipe is from Kusina ni Manang. I’ve made some tweaks but still, it’s good. I usually use one whole medium chicken and cut it into okay na size.

Preview, this is the chicken adobo I cooked. If you like it, then please continue reading for the recipe. Otherwise you’re going to miss a lot. Hahaha.
chicken adobo

Ingredients :

1 Medium whole chicken cut into pieces
1/2 cup soy sauce
near 1/2 cup vinegar (if you like it sour, then make the vinegar 1/2 cup)
4-5 cloves of crushed garlic
1 tbsp crushed peppercon
2 bayleaf
2 tbsp sugar
1 cup water (I make it 1 cup cause my sons want sabaw(sauce) on the rice

In a deep saucepan, except for the sugar, put all the ingredients altogether in the following order : soy sauce, vinegar, water, garlic, peppercorn and bayleaf then the chicken. Cook in medium heat. If the liquid is enough to cover the chicken, I usually cook it for 20 minutes, otherwise after 10 minutes of cooking I turn the chicken pieces over to make sure that all the sides are evenly cooked. After 20 minutes, I put the sugar and cook it for 2-3 more minutes. And, voila! Chicken adobo is done. 🙂

I also boil eggs to put it in the adobo. To have the “sakto lang(the yolk is yellow, not overcooked) boiled egg, I usually boil it for 13 minutes from the time I turned the heat on.

If you’re reading this, thank you for continuing. If not, as what I’ve mentioned at the beginning, you’ve missed a lot! Better luck next time! Lol 😀


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