Month: September 2018

Random Funny Pinoy Jokes

Compilation of funny random pinoy jokes. Batang makulit Bata: pabili po ng mansanas… tindera: wala kaming mansanas Kinabukasan bata: pabili nga po ng mansanas tindera: wala nga kaming mansanas..isa pang tanong mo, i-stapler ko na yang bibig mo! Kinabukasan … bata: may stapler kayo? Tindera: Wala, bakit? bata: Pabiling mansanas:) Siomai & Hopia Boy: gusto…

By Agnes
2 min read

My Top 10 “feel good” movies

I have always been a fan of feel-good movies with happy ending and have written this originally in my FB notes, so the movies I watched and liked recently are not included here yet. The Prince & Me It’s a Julia Stiles movie, a modern fairy tale story. A pre-med girl who meets a European…

By Agnes
5 min read

Filipino words that are similar to Spanish words

These are filipino words that although spelled differently and pronounced almost similarly, have same meaning as spanish words. To understand it better, I used these words in filipino, english and spanish sentences. I won’t be able to translate these sentences in spanish without Google translate’s help. Filipino Spanish English Sample Sentences Kusina Cocina Kitchen F:…

By Agnes
4 min read