Month: August 2018

Pinakbet Garden

Pinakbet is a famous dish in the Philippines and I miss it. I only cook pinakbet during summer here in New Zealand if I want to use fresh vegetables. Since it is almost spring, last Saturday(25-August-2018), I planted vegetables like ampalaya(bitter gourd), okra, eggplant, sitaw(yard-long beans), tomatoes, hungarian yellow wax chilli for sinigang -the closest…

By Agnes
1 min read

How to record your desktop screen

Did you know that you can use powerpoint to do screen-recording and save it as a video file? Yes you can!  I am very glad you are here cause only few people know how this screen recording with powerpoint. Now you don’t need to worry which app to download. In this post, I will show…

By Agnes
2 min read

My Pathway to New Zealand

I was working in Malaysia when we visited the Philippines way back in 2009. I wanted to meet with my friend to catch up but didn’t get to see her. She was busy preparing for their move to New Zealand. At that time, I was just curious but not to the point that I’ve read…

By Agnes
7 min read